Artist Profile

E. Nyumi

1947 - 2nd July 2019





Nyumi's mother belonged to the country of Nynmi near Kiwirrkurra on the Pintubi side. Her father was from Alyarra in the region of Ngaanyatjarra. When Nyumi was a very young child her mother died at the Kanari soakwater close to Jupiter Well. As a young girl, Nyumi lived a nomadic existence with her family group in their country, before, as a teenager, walking up the Canning Stock Route into old mission with her father and family group. Here she was given clothes and taken to Bililuna Station and trained as a domestic worker.

Nyumi was a very strong culture woman and dancer, and enthusiastic teacher of culture to children, ensuring the traditional dancers and songs are kept alive. Nyumi had four daughters. Brandy Tjungurrayi (deceased) and Patrick Olodoodi, both senior Law man and recognised artists, are Nyumi's older brothers. In 2004, Nyumi became the first artist from Warlayirti Artists to be selected for the Sydney Biennale. 

Collections: AAM Utretcht; AGWA; Artbank; MAGNT; MCA; NGA; NGV.