Artist Profile

P. Olodoodi

1st July 1943 - dec.


Kukatja, Pintupi


Patrick was born in Yalangerri, near Jupiter Well. He was a Kukatja and Pintupi speaker and divided his time between Balgo and the Pintupi homeland community of Kiwirrkurra to the south. Patrick was the younger brother of Brandy Tjungurrayi. Patrick walked in from the desert as an initiated man, up the Canning Stock route and into Old Balgo Mission. He worked building the stone houses and the church at the new Balgo site. Patrick met and married Mirriam Olodoodi (Lucy Yukenbari’s sister) at the church in Balgo. He first started painting in Balgo around 1985. He was a senior Law man who looked after ceremony and country between Balgo, Kiwirrkurra and Kintore. Patrick is a well known painter, who executed his work with care and diligence.