Exhibition Details


2013: Kuralka Tjanu Tjukurrpa: Kuwarri Marr Ku (Old Stories: New Creations)

10 August - 31 August 2013


Northern Editions Print Studio (Darwin, Australia)

Exhibition Details

In September 2012, Warlayirti Artists in conjunction with Northern Editions Printmaking Studio conducted a week long Print Project. While families, friends and children came to chat, drink tea and watch the extravaganza, women delicately shaped their etching plates with wonderous brush strokes and the men engaged their traditional carving skills into the medium of Japanese woodblock print making. Male artists included Helicopter, Larry Gundora, Bonnie James, Sidney Moody, David Mudgedell, and Quentin Milner; the females were Eubena Nampitjin, Elizabeth Nyumi, Bai Bai Napangarti, and Ningie Nanala. This was a time of great activity, which resulted in a fabulous prints collection that integrates the artists’ unique aesthetics and creativity with the telling of their Tjukurrpas (Dreamings) and country.



Warlayirti Artists would like to thank all the staff at Northern Editions, the Warlayirti Artists and their families for making this project a success.

In addition, Warlayirti Artists would like to thank Country Arts WA for their support and financial aid in making this fabulous project a reality.

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