Warlayirti meets Graffiti

Warlayirti Artists have collaborated with the young people of Balgo and two Street Artists from Melbourne, to produce a mural for the new Community Centre in Balgo.

Supported by Country Arts WA, Warlayirti Artists and Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation, the mural project was managed by two Youth Leaders from the community, Sherilyn Wise and Olivia Clancy. 

The young people of Balgo, chose the style of Grafitti they wanted and sent Luke and Leon images of classic designs, they wanted something Wild Style, old school Grafitti. The word the Community agreed upon is Yangpalaku Centre. (Creole for Young Fellas)

Luke and Leon (Street artists) arrived in Balgo with only rough sketches of ideas for the Mural. Warlayirti Artists met with Luke and Leon for a few hours to discuss the mural and come to an agreement on the design, the process, the Ceremony that would accompany the hanging and the words that needed to be included in the Mural, particularly Luurnpa, for the Kingfisher Dreaming so sacred to Balgo. 

All of the artists who worked on the project worked from 9am to 5pm for many days. The end result is an incredibly energized piece of work, the bold colours Warlayirti Artists are renowned for and the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) designs work beautifully with the Wild Style grafitti.