Miriam Baadjo and the Darwin Symphony Orchestra

On Saturday December 1st, 2012, artists Miriam Baadjo, Imelda Yukenbarri Gugaman and Arts Co-cordinator Tracey Grigg were treated to an evening of inspirational music by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

Inspired by Miriam Baadjo’s print ‘Watikutjarra’ and two other artists’ works, composer nora lewis created a masterful music work called ‘Onsight’ that enticed and danced these visual artworks into sound. After a magnificent evening spent listening to the Darwin Symphony Orchestra and its accompanients, Miriam was presented with flowers and much thanks for her wonderful contribution to this event.

Warlayirti Artists would like to extend a special thanks to Nora Lewis for her insight, creativity and her invitation into this beautiful world of classic music.