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We have always enjoyed our culture. We never stopped. Always dancing and singing, teaching our kids and keeping our culture strong. Here in Balgo. We keep our ceremonies, we visit our Country. That’s why we still live here. That’s why we paint. That story from our Tjamu and Tjatja (grandfather and grandmother). Our rockholes and waters where we used to live. We paint that. Our bush tucker and lovely bush potatoes! That’s what we paint. That’s why we paint.
This is our story.

Eva Nagomarra, Senior Artist


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12 March–05 April, 2021
Ngurra kutjuwarra: on country, together

In conjunction with Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle


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26 march–22 april, 2021
Kutjarra Nungurrayi, Murnta Nakamarra: two Nungurrayi, four Nakamarra

Short Street Gallery, Broome

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