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Title : Nyirnmi
Size/Medium : 36 x 46cm Acrylic on Canvas Painting

This painting tells a story around the Nyirnmi area near Puntu Jarlpa (jupiter Well) This is the artists Mothers and Fathers country as well as her Husbands Fathers Country. 


“Nyinmi is my husbands country, he taught me to do this painting here” 


In the central through the painting you can see all the bush dampers with a swamp in the middle. The white circle at the top is a clay pan with a windbreak to the side and white tali (sandhills) running down from there. To the top left are two women with a coolomon and a digging stick. They were working with the coolomon and digging with the digging sticks for fresh water. 

In the Jukurrpa (Dreamtime) there were a group of women that were walking around this area collecting seeds to make damper. A man came along and frightened the women and they dropped the coolomon with all the different types of seeds in it. All the seeds were different colours. This is why all the different flowers depicted throughout the bottom half of the painting are so colourful. 

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