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Mulan Womens, Collaborative by Mulan Collaboration

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Artist : Mulan Collaboration
Title : Mulan Womens, Collaborative
Size/Medium : 1829 x 1219mm: Acrylic on linen Painting

This collaboration was painted on country during our Paraku Return to Country trip in 2021.

“This painting is for Yunpu (a site on the shore of Paraku, Lake Gregory). They went camping, and this is about all bushtucker and bush medicine. Kumpupatja, tjurnta, laltju, mungil, karnti, pampilyi. These two big ones (the large block lines) are sandhills, tali. This is how old people used to live and eat. When they lived all around Paraku. These are the colours of our land.”

-Veronica Lulu, Senior Woman, Elder, Artist

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