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Story of the porcupine and the honey ant by SAMUEL GALOVA

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Title : Story of the porcupine and the honey ant
Size/Medium : 610 x 457mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

“This is my father Thomas Galova’s country, south of Balgo on Ngurarra country. These waterholes are Tjarrka Tjarrka, Mangkayi and Laka. This one Tjarrka Tjarrka in the middle represents tjilkamarra, the echidna. He had a baby son, and families from Mangkayi and Laka came to visit. When they came together they told the baby to be strong and healthy.

Honey ants came to the tjilkamarra’s waterhole, and he was trying to kill them and eat them. But the Honey ants were clever and dig a pool around themselves to protect themselves so that the tjilkamarra couldn’t get them. He was sniffing and sniffing around and got tired and gave up. The honey ants travelled on to Parnngurr area in Martu country. The tjilkamarra stayed here. “

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