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Sturt Creek Bush Trip by MARIE MUDGEDELL

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Title : Sturt Creek Bush Trip
Size/Medium : 610 x 457mm: acrylic on linen Painting

This was painted during a bush trip to Sturt Creek (Purkitji)

Ït’s about people from desert. They come and find the water. River. This one; Sturt Creek. And they said “kapi there!”. They found lots of water. That’s why they left there place in the desert, they had not enough water. No rain hey, in search of water. When they came this way they found those kartiyas and those black trackers. Taking them to Sturt Creek station. But my family turned back, got away. Went back to desert area. Waiting there for long time until this thing finished (Sturt Creek Massacre). My family waited until they got new station owners. All the bad kartiya they went back to Queensland. So my family camne back to work here at Sturt Creek Station. I was born here. I got my Father’s country here, Sturt Creek. When we ran out of food we had to eat water lily’s, fish, bush carrots… waiting for next rations. Yuwayi thats the story. this orange is desert area, the blue is river area.”

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