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Luurnpa Tjukurrpa by RONALD MOSQUITO

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Title : Luurnpa Tjukurrpa
Size/Medium : 1000 x 500mm: acrylic on linen Painting

Ronald says:

“In the dreamtime, the luurnpa got up from the centre. And started searching for his people. He flew… he flew west… and saw his people talking…. But he said to himself, these are not my people. He flew north, looking for his people. He flew east, saw other people talking, but he said no, not my people.

Oh well.

Another round… flew south. Listened to people talking and realised yes. These are my people.

He said “Jump on my back. I’ll carry you mob. From waterhole to waterhole.

He was so proud of them. Even to this day.

If you see this bird, kingfisher, Luurnpa. Dont ever throw rocks at it. Very very special bird.


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