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Parlku Parlku by LARRY GUNDORA (dec)

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Artist : LARRY GUNDORA (dec)
Title : Parlku Parlku
Size/Medium : 813 x 305mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Larry has painted his country around Balgo Hills called Parlku Parlku, when kartya (white people) first came to this land they asked the Aboriginal people what the place was called – that is how Balgo got it’s name – an Anglicised version of ‘Parlku’ (Balgo). The largest circle is Old Balgo Mission, the middle is a rockhole named Kumpu and the top circle is a rockhole near Mulan lake called Mangkala. The painting shows layers of the land- the circles in the top layer are Tali (sandhills) and the Kanti (bush potato) found in the area. The dark lines underneath show the rich minerals in the deeper layers of the earth. These minerals might be oil, gold, iron ore etc. Larry says that it is important to know and respect the country, to keep it safe and healthy for the grandchildren and their children.

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