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Two Dingoes Tjukurrpa by VICTOR WHISPUTT

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Title : Two Dingoes Tjukurrpa
Size/Medium : 750 x 500mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Victor Whisputt resides in the Mulan region, located approximately 1 hr drive from Balgo and often paints referencing his own region. In this painting Victor has painted a journey that his family and ancestors used to take through the area. The First significant location, depicted by concentric circles at the top left side, are two marrang, two dingoes dreaming site. Those dogs travelled along the creek to Mulan (top right concentric circles). Victor says “those two dingoes passed away there, and the puppies were howling because they were sad. You can still hear howling here, for those two dingoes.”

The site after that (middle of the painting) is bungabiddi. People were sitting down there to rest and hunt. There is a sock water there where the old people would camp and bring back seeds to grind and turn into flour. The site following after that is a big lake where the old people used to fish. Then there is kurtu, a soakwater. Then tehre are two significant tree sites. Following after that is gilang gilang. 

The defined circle seperate to the track in the middle left of the painting is Kilinkarra, blue tongue dreaming site. This is Victors fathers land. 


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