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Karntimarlark (Wolf Creek Crater) by GERALDINE MUDGEDELL

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Title : Karntimarlark (Wolf Creek Crater)
Size/Medium : 813 x 305mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

This Tjukurrpa (dreaming) story is about Wolf Creek Crater. There were lots of bush potatoes growing every where. People were digging all around that area and some digging in the middle. The cracks on the ground were everywhere, that’s how they found lots of sweet yams. The cracks in the painting are where they were growing under the ground. The one in the middle is where the crater is now. There were no yams there, the people were digging and digging. Some people went to the creek to cook yams. They gave some to the flies. This crater is called Karnti Marlark. That means no bush potatoes. That’s is why it is called Ngurriny, it means flies.

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