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Purkitji (story of the two snakes) by ANGIE TOPSY TCHOOGA

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Title : Purkitji (story of the two snakes)
Size/Medium : 450 x 300mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Angie has painted some of her country which is located around Purkitji (Sturt Creek). In this painting Angie tells the story of the one eyed (female) snake who still lives in the creek and the two eyed (male) snake who is a cheeky one. The two eyed snake travelled south to find a place to stay in the creek. The two green circles represent the creek with weeds growing in around it. When it rained the one eyed snake woke up and looked around and saw the two eyed snake coming, the female snake tried to tell him to go and they had a big fight. When Angie was a young girl living at Sturt Creek Station and the rains came she could hear them fighting and making all kinds of noise down.

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