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Purkiitji Camp by MARIE MUDGEDELL

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Title : Purkiitji Camp
Size/Medium : 400x300mm: Acrylic on canvas Painting

“Its a big holiday camp. In the old days, when I was a little girl, and my family were living at Sturt Creek Station. A big rain came and filled the river right up. It surrounded the whole station. Everyone was scared, asking for their rations. They took there food and went across the river to where it was dry. Only the kartiya stayed on the island. This is a story about hunting, sharing and caring. I was there, a little one. With my families. They made little camps, each of these shapes in the painting is their camps. Out of spinnifex and then they put calico on top to make houses. They had fireplaces. Each one tells the story of those camps. Everyone was hunting everyday, and sharing it around. Sometimes when we ran out of food theh helicopter would bring it in. Otherside Sturt Creek, Purkitji. This story.”

-Marie Mudgedegll 

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