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Title : Yurrududu
Size/Medium : 914 x 610mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Garreth has painted his gandmother’s country. The story in this painting is about a man that had too many wives who would not give any of them away to the single man in the tribe. While the man with many wives camped next to a water hole or a soakwater over the sand dune country, the single man used to walk up to their camp and try to impress them with his hunting skills, showing off his goanna and kangaroo meat that he had caught. The man with many wives did not take notice of him, telling his wifes to go a long away from the single man to the next water hole. The small circles depict the water holes where they camped and the lines are the many tali (sand dunes) in the area. In the end the man gave up and threw away all the bush meat and went back to his country.

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