1971, Balgo, WA

Wirrimanu (Balgo), WA


Luritja, Pintupi, Kukatja

Pali Pali Tjilkar 


Matthew commenced painting in Kintore for Papunya Tula Artist in 2001. Mathew’s family have a long history of painting.  His father was renowned artist Freddy Tjudugudi West Tjakamarra (1940-1994), his mother Payu Napaltjarri (b.1952) is also a well-known artist. Matthew has exhibited extensively with Papunya Tula as well as with Warlayirti Artists.

Matthew is a junior lawman who is learning important custodial men’s ceremonies. His country lies around Pali Pali Tjilkar. He was initiated at Kintore and participates in Tingari Law ceremonies. As a young boy he lived in Kiwirrkurra and he came to live in Balgo in 2006 and married “Aboriginal way” to Jolene Wise the granddaughter of Tjumpo Tjapanangka and Ningie Nanala. They have three children Saltine, Azarrious and Delita who were all born in the Derby hospital. He currently resides in Balgo.

In 2020 Matthew was voted in as chairperson of Warlayirti Artists Board and continues to serve in this role. Matthew played a significant role in raising money with Papunya Tula Artists to raise money for remote dialysis in Kiwirrkurra and Kintore, Matthew is now working hard to get Purple House to Balgo so families can return home.

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