Short St Gallery

Desert Descendants


Featuring Helicopter Tjungurrayi, Christine Yukenbarri &  Stephanie Yukenbarri

12 APRIL – 9 MAY 2024


This exhibition features acclaimed Australian artists Helicopter, Christine Yukenbarri & Stephanie Yukenbarri. As members of the same family their artistic talents have been passed down through generations, enriching their cultural heritage and preserving traditional art forms.

Helicopter Tjungurrayi is renowned for his bold use of colour and intricate dot painting techniques, while Christine and Stephanie Yukenbarri bring an innovative and powerful aesthetic to their own artworks. 




Aboriginal Contemporary

DULCIE: Mamaku Tjukurr (My father’s place)


Featuring Dulcie Nanala

Opening 18 May 2024
In 2022, Dulcie Nanala Napaltjarri crossed the Great Sandy Desert to Wilkinkarra, the vast salt pan also known as Lake Mackay. It was the first time Dulcie had walked on her father’s Country, it was a profound experience that transformed her art.
Dulcie’s paintings channel the rich palette and rugged textures of the desert, depicting the clay pans, sandhills and life-giving water holes of her Tjukurrpa (creation story). Through her art, Dulcie shares and celebrates her culture and Country.
Warlayirti Artists and Aboriginal Contemporary are proud to bring Dulcie’s first solo show to Sydney and invite you to meet this remarkable Balgo artist at the opening on Saturday, 18 May.

past events 



07 SEPT – 22 OCT

Araluen Arts Centre

Desert Mob showcases the most comprehensive survey of contemporary Aboriginal art by artists from Desart-member art centers from the desert regions and communities of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. The exhibition will feature hundreds of  artworks from emerging and established artists.

Warlayirti Artists include: Jane Gimme | Sadie Paddoon | Miriam Baadjo | Angie Tchooga | Stephanie Yukenbarri | Helicopter Tjungurrayi | Imelda Yukenbarri




Aboriginal Contemporary, Sydney

Aboriginal Contemporary & Warlayirti Artists present an exhibition of new works from from senior and emerging Balgo artists.


21 JULY – 22 AUG

Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart

The Hadley’s Art Prize celebrates excellence in contemporary landscape art. We are over the moon Dulcie Nanala has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Prize. The work selected was created in response to our camp to Wilkinkarra (Lake McKay) last year: an infinite Salt Lake of supreme importance to Kukatja and Pintupi families.




11 Aug -13 Aug 2023

Darwin Convention Centre & Online

Darwin Art Fair offers a unique opportunity to purchase artwork direct from over 70 Indigenous-owned Art Centers, whilst being immersed in an exciting program of workshops, artists talks, film and fashion. An opportunity to meet the artists and see what art centers are up to!


Opening 23 June 2023

Paul Johnstone Gallery

Paul Johnstone & Warlayirti Artists are proud to present a Kutjungka women’s survey show, featuring works from senior artists Imelda Yukenbarri Gugaman & Patsy Mudgedell, as well as emerging artists Stephanie Yukenbarri & Serena Nowee. This exhibition showcases the cultural and creative breadth of Balgo women, who stand on the shoulders of giants, and continue to paint to pass on stories & keep Country alive.


 1-16 July 2023

Derby airport, terminal building

The Kimberley Art Prize  has been facilitated by the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley (SDWK) since 1970. It is one of the longest running art prizes in Western Australia, providing a platform for local and regional artists to showcase their talents. Warlayirti Artists finalists for this year are Jimmy Tchooga, Reggie Gordon and Stephanie Yukenbarri.



24 June – Live Auction

Broome Convention Center

For 20 years, Environs Kimberley has been a leading fundraising event in the Kimberley, supporting artists and art centres, along with the important conservation work they are doing to care for the lands and waters of the Kimberley Region. Visit the online auction here or click the link above to purchase tickets to the live art auction happening on Saturday 24th June at the Broome Convention Center.


4 & 6 June  2023

St Kilda Film Festival  

In 1957, a helicopter pilot named Jim Ferguson landed at Natawalu. A family approached him, including a 10-year-old boy named Tjungurrayi, who needed medical assistance. He was flown to Balgo Mission. The young boy grew up to become an acclaimed artist whose works are displayed in New York and Paris, as well as a leader of  Warlayirti Artists. This documentary film chronicles the reunion between the pilot’s daughter and Helicopter. It has won 4 awards for the Best Documentary, 9 official selections, and 2 finalist nominations.


20 May – 29 July 2023

The Courthouse Gallery, Port Hedland

The Jury Prize is the people’s choice award –  submit your vote through their online gallery!

An art award showcasing the best of regional and remote West Australian artists. We are proud to share works by Stephanie Yukenbarri, Helicopter Tjungurrayi and Veronica Daniels were selected finalists of this years’ main award.


06 May – 23 July 2023

Fremantle Arts Centre

The annual exhibition for new and emerging artists returns to celebrate the creativity, ambition, and diversity of contemporary Aboriginal Art practice here in Western Australia.

The annual Revealed program includes an Art Market, artist talks and demonstrations, workshops and a special opening weekend celebration.


Ord Valley Muster

21 May 4-8pm 

Celebrity Tree Park, Kununurra 

Curated exclusively under the stars for the Muster, Art in the Park is an open-air gallery shining a spotlight on Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists from the region. Meander through the park, wine in hand and discover arts, photography and culture of the East Kimberley.


17  March – 13 April 2023

Short Street Gallery, Broome 

The exhibition includes powerful new works from senior artists such as Helicopter Tjungurrayi, Jimmy Tchooga, Imelda Guguman and Pauline Sunfly. It also features rising talents of emerging stars, such as Stephanie Yukenbarri, and works inspired by time spent on country by Miriam Baadjo, Sadie Paddoon and Vincent Nanala. 




 19-25 November 2022

ngurra gallery, ONLINE!

Watch this space or follow us on facebook or instagram for more info!



27 Sept – 05 Nov 2022

Cavin Morris Gallery, New York City


13-30 Oct 2022

Art Mob, Tasmania

Recent work from Warlayirti Artists, featuring stories from the Canning Stock Route. 



October 2022

Adelaide, South Australia

Tarnanthi is a unique opportunity to meet Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, learn about their world and ideas, and buy works of art. Exclusive to Adelaide, this popular art event brings together creative works in diverse mediums, produced by hundreds of established and emerging, regional and city-based artists from across the country.


26 Aug – 07 Oct 2022

D’Lan Contemporary, Melbourne

BALGO: VISIONS / EUBENA is an exhibition of foundational artworks celebrating the thirty-fifth anniversary of Warlayirti Artists, Balgo. Divided into two distinct collections, but intended to flow as a complementary representation of one of Australia’s leading artistic movements, this exhibition will feature across the two gallery spaces at D’Lan Contemporary, 40 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.

Desert Mob 2022

8 Sep–23 Oct 2022

Araluen Arts Centre, Mparntwe (Alice Springs)

Desert Mob, showcases the most comprehensive survey of contemporary Aboriginal art by artists from Desart-member art centres from the desert regions and communities of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. The exhibition will feature hundreds of new, innovative artworks from emerging and established artists who continue to transform and revolutionise arts and cultural expression.


11 – 18 August 2022

Ngurra Kutjuwarra means “On Country together!”

People came to the Balgo Mission from all corners of the desert, which means artists painting today are not living on their Ancestral land. We embark on ambitious return to Country camps to strengthen kinship ties, ensure the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and to strengthen the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the Kutjungka community.

Art Centre will be open 9am – 2pm Mon-Fri, no weekend appointments. All online enquires and sales will be processed when we’re back.


5 – 7 August 2022


The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) online, provides a unique opportunity to purchase artwork direct from over 70 Indigenous-owned Art Centres, whilst being immersed in an exciting digital program of workshops, artists talks, film and fashion.

Paintings by the Mudgedell family

5 – 21 August 2022

Paul Johnstone Gallery, Darwin

This exhibition celebrates the stories, journeys and culture of the Mudgedell family. Sisters Marie and Patsy are highly influenced by their late mother Mati who experimented with new painting techniques to depict her Kukatja/Ngarti Country. Likewise, no two paintings by Patsy are the same; always evolving and experimenting. Marie’s granddaughter (Bianca) and Patsy and Marie’s niece (Hayley) are proudly included in this exhibition depicting their own approach to culture and country.

LUURNPA (Kingfisher Dreaming): New works from the artists of Balgo, WA

Opening 11 June 2022

Aboriginal Contemporary, Sydney

Works by Balgo legends, Helicopter and Christine Yunkenbarri sit alongside current senior artists, Imelda Gugaman, Patsy Mudgedell, Pauline Sunfly, as well as the younger emerging artists who will keep this richly-storied art centre at the forefront of contemporary Aboriginal art.

Luurnpa (pronounced loon-pa) is the kingfisher dreaming which connects all of the eight different language groups of the region. During the dreamtime the Luurnpa travelled the land creating all the waterways and rock holes along the Wirrimanu songline – the site of the current Balgo community. Luurnpa travelled from the north all the way through the desert to Uluru.

The Jury Prize

21 May – 29 July 2022

The Courthouse Gallery, Port Hedland

The art prize is open to regional Western Australian artists working in all artistic mediums, including painting, mixed media, photography, sculpture, and digital art.  

Warlayirti Artists finalists; Veronica Daniels | Vincent Nanala | Frances Nowee | Geraldine Nowee | Shirley Yoomarie

Winners announced 21 May
People’s Choice (Jury Prize) winner announced 29 July, VOTE HERE!

Revealed 2022: new & emerging WA Aboriginal artists

07 May–24 July 2022 Exhibition

Fremantle Arts Centre

The Revealed Exhibition returns in 2022, celebrating the creativity, ambition, and diversity of contemporary Aboriginal Art practice here in Western Australia. Dedicated to showcasing new work and the best emerging WA Aboriginal Artists working across remote, regional and metropolitan areas.

This year Balgo artists include paintings on plywood from Serena Nowee | Shannon Gibson | Rickisha Nannup & Lydia Mudji | Gina Sunfly | Alexandria Loomoo | Judith Loomoo | Alicia Maggie | Latoya Moody | Genevieve James

Revealed Online Market runs 27 – 29 May 2022. Register for early access here.

Mother & Daughter: the works of Bai Bai Napangarti and Pauline Sunfly

29 April 2022

Short Street Gallery, Broome

The last of Bai Bai’s paintings alongside recent works by Pauline, painting her mother’s Country.

Patsy Mudgedell: Lore of Love

17–20 Feb, 2022

Melbourne Art Fair

Patsy describes this body of work as “Flowing sequences of continuous learning, sharing a love the human has yearned for, to have happiness together with the reality of real love”. Through her art, Patsy invites the viewer to go on a journey, to create their own meaning and experiences of her art. She hopes this practice will create a sense of our shared humanity. A virtual exhibition will be live from Feb 17 – March 3.



Earth is Touch:
Recent Paintings from Balgo Hills

28 October – 31 December 2021

Cavin Morris Gallery, New York City

Warlayirti artists first show in New York City!

Balgo Beginnings

15 Oct 2021–06 Feb, 2022

South Australia Museum, Adelaide

After lying forgotten in a shipping container for four decades, the earliest works of Balgo desert paintings go on display for the first time, alongside works from current Balgo artists.

Pauline Sunfly Nangala: recent works

6-28 August 2021

Paul Johnstone Gallery

Pauline Sunfly paints her parents’ Country, her ancestral places south of her home at Balgo (Wirrimanu), which borders both the Tanami Desert and the Great Sandy Desert in northern Western Australia. Her striking paintings depict ancestral paths, ceremonial designs and the stories of important Tjukurrpa sites associated with the native cat, goanna and kingfisher. They are reimaginings of deep cultural knowledge painted with a unique contemporary expression.

Awakening: Patsy Mudgedell

6-28 August 2021

Paul Johnstone Gallery

‘Awakening’ by Patsy Mudgedell explores themes of identity, cultural acceptance, self-discovery and beauty. Patsy’s intoxicating works invite the viewer to make their own interpretations. Patsy says that art is a collaborative partnership between artist, viewer, Country, paint, canvas. Her purpose is sharing, believing that art transcends cultures.

Revealed 2021: new & emerging WA Aboriginal artists

26 March–23 May, 2021

Fremantle Arts Centre

This year Balgo artists include works on paper from Miriam Baadjo | Jane Gimme | Gracie Mosquito | Marie Mudgedell | Helen Nagomara | Joan (Eva) Nagomara | Winifred Nanala | Helicopter (Joey) Tjungurrayi

Kutjarra Nungurrayi, Murnta Nakamarra: two Nungurrayi, four Nakamarra

26 March–22 April, 2021

Short Street Gallery, Broome

A homage to the late Kimberley artists Nyumi Nungarrayi & Loomoo Nungarrayi displayed alongside the four Nakamarra’s: Veronica Daniels, Christine Yukenbarri, Patsy and Marie Mudgedell.

Ngurra kutjuwarra:
on country, together

12 March–5 April, 2021

Kidogo Arthouse Fremantle

View the works online and read more about the exhibition at the ngurra gallery page of our website!

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