Now we are the children of Murtikarlka who want to come out and talk to his Country.

What he left behind long time ago.

It makes me really want to cry, for Wilkinkarra.

This long I have waited for someone to bring me here.

For his children to see his Country, for who he walked away from, his Country.

It makes me really happy and proud, sitting here telling the story, me!

Winifred Nanala,  on Country 2022

T H E   J O U R N E Y

Last century whitefella came with their cattle and proclaimed the great inland sea ‘Lake
Mackay’. They didn’t know it already had a name, W I L K I N K A R R A  the life source from which
Pintupi & Kukatja peoples had thrived for millennia.

Last year, 75-years after the Old People walked north, four generations retraced their
footsteps, many for the first time. They returned to a place once visited only in stories and
dreams. W I L K I N K A R R A was never abandoned.

Towering tali, shimmering lakes and connecting creeks evolved into colour fields of optical wonder. Footsteps over land, dot after dot, retracing tracks once taken.

Tjumpo, Sunfly, Donkeyman – giants among the pantheon of Balgo masters. They mapped Wilkinkarra’s meaning for the world and for future generations in their art.

Here now is the next generation’s W I L K I N K A R R A story, told and painted for posterity.

T H E   F I L M

Wilkinkarra 11:33

Winifred Nanala 03:30

T H E   P A I N T I N G

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