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Title : Pinti
Size/Medium : 914 x 610mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Sidney painted this painting on country, during our Ngurra Kutjuwarra connection to country camp. In this painting Sidney Moody paints the story of Pinti (night bird) and the Wati (law man).

In the dreaming the Pinti was calling to show the old lawman all the waterholes. He showed him where (yeru yeru) by calling out ‘hey’ so the old lawman followed the Pinti’s calls. He showed him Giperitjarata, from there to Pikal, then Puntutjarba (Jupiter Well), from there to Gnuti and then the Pinti took the lawman home (Nynmi) where he was with his family.


This story was passed on to Sidney by his father in-law, artist Brandy Tjungurrayi (deceased).

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