315-23 – Yarluman – Nakamarra (Joan) Mandigalli


Yarluman by Nakamarra (Joan) Mandigalli

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Artist : Nakamarra (Joan) Mandigalli
Title : Yarluman
Size/Medium : 510 x 410mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Nakamarra (Joan) has painted her mothers story of her traditional country, which is located north east of Balgo, near the community of Kundat Tjaru, or Ringer Soak. The strong black line is a kiliki, or creek that runs intermittently through the country known as Yarluman. The larger circles depict the soakwaters, or tjumu, that are a dependable source of water in the desert areas. The smaller circles are a specific type of warta, or tree that grows around here.

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