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Munga Munga by VERONICA LULU

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Title : Munga Munga
Size/Medium : 914x610mm: acrylic on linen Painting

“Tjawa Tjawa this one. Where this Tjakamarra man as chasing them. Womans was dancing. And after they went to Walkali (the blue circle). My mother’s country. And they were still chased by that Tjakamarra too! Tjakamarra was chasing them again, everywhere they made a rockholes. These ones rockholes. And claypans they was dancing all around. They went to Munga Munga, (the large brown circle at the top) old womans spot this one where all the womens was dancing. They made the claypan. Its called Munga Munga. The young girls was dancing and learning from the womans. All dancing there. Going around making claypans from dancing. Those seven sisters went back to Walkali. They danced there but they was frightened of that Tjakamarra. That Tjakamarra name was Pritj Pritj. He was chasing them to get wife. He couldnt catch them. They been get sick of him, so they been fly up to the sky. And that tjakamarra trying to catch, reach the young one. But that young one still flew up. The other six went but she was the last one. That young star. Napaltjarri. All those Napaltjarri went up to the sky. Turned into star now. From womans. Thats why we look that Milky Way, Seven Sisters. My Mothers story this one, My Grandmother and Grandfather story. 

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